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What is Kloudle Academy?
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Kloudle Academy is a free e-resource compilation, created and curated by Kloudle. It aims to create content in cloud security as a knowledge base and destination for learning various complex aspects of cloud security in an easy to understand way.

Who is Academy for?
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Academy caters to carefully created, original content in Cloud Security for the benefit and development of the cloudsec industry, in particular the DevOps and SREs who carry out the daily cloud platforms’ security management tasks.

What do I expect from Academy?
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The content is categorized in four categories-
Tools & Services: Learn to hack, defend and manage the Cloud using various tools and services
Know How: Techniques and approaches that are essential to excel in Cloud Security
Listicles: Step by step guides and lists to complete your Cloud Security learning
News & Updates: Learn about what is happening in the world of cloud security

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How much does a subscription cost? 
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Kloudle Academy is and will continue to be a free resource for everyone. You do not have to pay to access these in-depth content pieces