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How to integrate Kloudle and JIRA

This blog lists the steps to integrate Kloudle with JIRA to do issue tracking for the misconfigurations discovered by Kloudle.

Table of Contents


Integrating Kloudle and JIRA

    Providing JIRA API token in Kloudle

    Configuring what misconfigurations are sent to JIRA


         Assigning asset owners in Kloudle


JIRA is commonly used by many teams as a tool for issue tracking and management. It allows for assignment, prioritisation, and tracking of issues from creation to resolution. JIRA can be integrated with other tools and products for building workflows for issue tracking and management.

For Kloudle users who prefer to use JIRA for all their issue tracking can easily manage the Kloudle alerts in JIRA as well. Follow this blog post to integrate JIRA with Kloudle.


Integrating Kloudle and JIRA

Following is a step by step guide to integrate Kloudle and JIRA:

Providing JIRA API token in Kloudle

  1. Login to JIRA account where you want Kloudle alerts to be created
  2. Navigate to API tokens for your user: https://id.atlassian.com/manage-profile/security/api-tokens


  1. Click on Create API Token


  1. Create API Token with KloudleAlerts label and click on Create button


  1. Copy the generated API Token and save it in a secure place
  2. Now in Kloudle dashboard, go to Manage and under Cloud Integrations click on JIRA


  1. On Configure JIRA screen, provide JIRA Email Address (used to create the API Token), your JIRA URL (e.g. sample.atlassian.net), and API Token created in Step 4


  1. Finally click on Save to complete the Kloudle-JIRA integration

## Configuring what misconfigurations are sent to JIRA


If the asset owners are assigned in Kloudle dashboard, the JIRA integration can automatically assign the issues in JIRA created from misconfigurations sent to JIRA to the asset owners as well. 

If you would like to have this automatic assignment done, as a prerequisite, make sure:

### Assigning asset owners in Kloudle

Owners can be assigned to assets in Kloudle in the following two ways:

  1. To assign asset owners at individual asset level:

                 a. In Kloudle dashboard, under Visibility, select the cloud account in which you want to assign owners

                 b. Click on Assign to Owner and select the assets for which you want to assign the owners

                 c. Select the owner from the list of users and click on Assign


  1. To assign asset owners at cloud service level:

                 a. Go to Manage and click on the Asset Owners tab

                 b. Select the User, Cloud Account, and the Cloud Services that you would like to assign and click on Assign All Assets in Cloud Services



  1. Next on Kloudle dashboard, go to Security Process
  2. Go to Library and click on Add button for On detecting specific misconfigs, send alerts to JIRA option

3. Select the misconfigs to be sent to JIRA. By default all misconfigs are selected

4. Select the JIRA project you want to send alerts to

5. Click on Next 6. Select the Severity of misconfigs to be sent to and Frequency at which the misconfigs should be sent to JIRA

7. Finally click on Save 8. Once the configuration is done, the misconfigs will start showing up in JIRA. JIRA tickets will have assignees set if the asset owners have been assigned in Kloudle. Reporter is set to the user who provided the API Token while integrating JIRA with Kloudle. If the issue is already sent to JIRA, it will not be created again, only new issues will be created

9. The misconfig details and link to misconfig are available in the ticket details. The issue is created at a per asset level

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