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KLOUDLE helped these developers get DPA

With Kloudle, navigating the intricate Facebook Data Protection Assessment for my application became a smooth journey, as opposed to the challenging task it could have been.


Founder CEO


Support for Digital Ocean. Sufficient evidence for Meta's Data Protection Assessment. Quickness to answer questions and provide support. Helpful knowledge base for reported cloud misconfiguration and step-by-step solutions.

Bogdan N

Creator of 1M downloaded game


As we were working to comply with Meta/Facebook's stringent data protection assessment, we found Kloude to be an excellent tool for conducting a thorough cloud security assessment.

Nuno F



The Problem

Facebook needs evidence your DigitalOcean cloud is secure

The evidence collected needs to be approved by Facebook. Facebook rejects the following

cross-circle Created with Sketch Beta. Reject insufficient evidence

Facebook will reject the report if all cloud assets are not scanned. They are not only looking at what is running inside the droplets but the overall configuration of your DigitalOcean account itself.

Reject pending security fixes

They will definitely reject reports with pending security issues. Especially if the issues are of medium, high or critical severity.

guideboard Created with Sketch. Expert Guidance needed

You need expert security guidance to fix the misconfigs without impacting your Facebook app. You don't want the fix to cause a new problem elsewhere that stops your app from working.

KLOUDLE takes away the pain of auditing and providing evidence report in less than 30 minutes

Comes Highly Recommended

DigitalOcean recommends KLOUDLE

KLOUDLE has over 50 configuration checks for DigitalOcean cloud. It also has 100+ checks for DigitalOcean Kubernetes Service (DOKS).

Q. Do I need to scan DOKS and DigitalOcean Account separately?

A. Yes you do. A DOKS specific scan will uncover Kubernetes and DOKS specific configuration issues.

Facebook Recommends KLOUDLE

Facebook asks for cloud configuration report from KLOUDLE or Vanta as evidence for upload. For DigitalOcean cloud, Vanta starts at approximately $5000 while Kloudle starts at $150.

Q. Should I buy KLOUDLE if I already have Vanta?

A. You don't need to buy KLOUDLE for DPA report if you already have Vanta.

Everything you need

One PDF Report Works

The cloud configuration security audit report from KLOUDLE has all the relevant details required to provide evidence of your DigitalOcean cloud security.

Security Scoreboard
See the security status of your DigitalOcean cloud as an easy to understand number. Also, color coded to guage severity in one glance.
List of all assets
All security in the cloud starts with one thing first, answering the question - what is running in my cloud?
List of all misconfigs
Till you don't fix your misconfigs, Facebook will not accept your DPA report.
KLOUDLE Facebook DPA Cloud Configuration Security Audit Report

Transparent. Flexible. Simple.

Pay only for what you use using credits. Valid for a year from the date of purchase.


You buy KLOUDLE credits. Credits are valid for a year from purchase. Credits are used to run scans, generate reports etc.

What’s included

  • On demand scans
  • Detailed Assets Data
  • Steps on how to fix misconfigs
  • Config Audit Evidence Report

Start with 5 credits for

$150 USD

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Payments handled by our merchant of record Paddle Inc. including VAT/GST invoicing

Get Your Cloud Configuration Audit Done in less than 30 mins

No more guessing what the Facebook compliance team needs. Facebook recommends KLOUDLE for the audit.