Kloudle Makes Cloud Security Effortless

Get automated visibility, misconfiguration detection and threat response with Kloudle. Secure your cloud faster so you can do more great work to power business growth.

Kloudle works seamlessly with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other cloud applications.

Trusted by hypergrowth companies

why kloudle

Great cloud security without the fuss

Building and scaling your security operations shouldn't become a nightmare.

Kloudle natively secures your cloud so you stay focused on your company's mission.

Complete Visibility

Get complete visibility of your cloud security profile so you are always aware of what's running and where


Automate threat detection and response so you can focus on growth projects

No misconfigurations

Fix misconfigurations before attackers get a chance to exploit them

Compliance reports

Get detailed reports that help you achieve and maintain cloud compliance

How Kloudle works

Learn how Kloudle makes cloud security easy

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Better visibility

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Automation everywhere


Multi-cloud visibility

Get complete visibility of what's running in your cloud and how it impacts security. Kloudle detects issues that need your attention today so you stay one step ahead of attackers.

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Get security-focused visibility of your cloud

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Address critical events that need your attention

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Never worry about false-positives or huge log files

eliminate misconfigurations

Misconfiguration detection

Kloudle runs scans in real-time to find misconfigurations as they occur and before they turn into vulnerabilities. The misconfigurations can then be corrected by built-in workflows or you can define your own.


Real-time compliance scorecards

Track progress of your cloud compliance journey on frameworks including CIS, NIST, HIPAA, and more. Download and share reports with auditors and never worry about out of date compliance documentation.

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Track and monitor your compliance profile

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Generate reports to inspire teams to take action

responD FASTER

Automated threat response

Kloudle automates threat response so you have the confidence to focus on growing your business. With predefined workflows and the ability to build your own, you are always in control.


Hypergrowth teams love Kloudle

“ It was so easy for us to get started with security reports and to fix the issues.
If you are securing your cloud-native environment, get in touch with Kloudle.”

CTO, AppKnox

"Kloudle monitors our entire cloud-native infrastructure, provides a full view of security, and generates critical alerts that need our immediate attention."

AVP Technology, BYJU's

"Our engineering team grew 10X, but we still follow GitHub release patterns while the security magic happens natively with Kloudle!"


"We easily cleared the ISO27001 compliance for our cloud by using automated compliance reports from Kloudle!"

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"Kloudle monitors our entire cloud-native infrastructure and provides a full view of security with critical alerts that need our immediate attention.

Our engineering team grew 10X, but we still follow the simple GitHub release patterns and Kloudle
adds the security magic!"

PraShanth BN, AVP Technology - Byju's
5 stars icon

“It was so easy for us to get started with security reports and to fix the issues with Kloudle.

If you want to secure your cloud-native environment, try Kloudle.”

SUBHO HALDER, CO-founder & CIO - APpknox

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