Kloudle SuperCloud Program

A custom Cloud Security solution for your business.  We automate Cloud Security so you're responding to threats while you sleep.

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Companies our founders helped with Cloud Security

Beyond traditional posture management:
The SuperCloud Program


Kloudle detects threats that need your attention today. Get better visibility into your cloud security profile and stay ahead of attackers.

Misconfiguration Management

Fix misconfigurations before attackers find them.
Kloudle takes an attackers view of your cloud to detect misconfigurations before they can be exploited. Easily setup workflows to auto-fix errors as soon as they get created.

Cloud Compliance

Keep your cloud always compliant with real-time scorecards. Track progress on popular cloud compliance frameworks including AWS CIS, PCI-DSS, NIST CSF, and more.

Automated Response

Respond to threats faster with security automation. Kloudle automates your response to threats so you can focus on growing your business. With predefined workflows and the ability to build your own, you are always in control.

“Before Kloudle, it was always post mortem responding. That meant late night calls and last minute patches. After Kloudle, we now take preemptive measures. There is no room for any error. This ensured that we slept peacefully at night!”
VP Engineering, BYJUs

What will the SuperCloud Program mean for your business?

  • We become your security experts, thereby eliminating the demanding and expensive task of hiring an efficient security team.
  • You focus on developing your business while we do the heavy lifting required to secure your cloud assets across platforms.
  • We build a custom security solution tailored for your business.
  • Your business is safe from attacks as our in-house  team team is constantly finding ways to strengthen your security measures.

Riyaz Walikar

Expert in offensive security and researcher with over a decade of experience in the cyber security industry.

Led Security Assessment and Penetration Testing teams at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), Appsecco, and the Product Security Team at Citrix.

Riyaz now specializes in cloud native, container and cloud security in general, helping build an easy to use security management platform to help companies enhance their visibility in the cloud, identify security misconfigurations and automate remediation for security gaps enabling compliance and operational security in multi-cloud environments.

Specialties: Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, Others) Security, Cloud-Native Security, Kubernetes, Container Security, Web Application Security, Network and System Penetration Testing, Wireless Network Security, Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering, Threat Modelling, Windows Forensics, Security Code Review, Vulnerability Research, Exploit Development and Reverse Engineering.Certifications: CKA, CKAD, OSCP

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Akash Mahajan

Helps CTOs & SREs with security monitoring of their cloud-native stack | CKA, OSCP | Author - Security Automation using Ansible, Burp Suite

Security professional with over a decade’s experience of providing specialist application and infrastructure advice at the highest levels to companies, governments, and organisations around the world.

Conference speaker and trainer at BlackHat US, All Day DevOps Twice, DevOps Enterprise Summit, OWASP, andNullCon.

Specialties: Cloud Security - AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Kubernetes; Container Security; Cloud-Native Security; Building security automation.ProductsCertifications: CKA, OSCP

Cloud security:
The preemptive way

VP Engineering, BYJUs
“The best about working with Akash and Riyaz is that they really work as a partner. They understood our painpoints. They did not hesitate in the course of the project to teach us and help us fix the actual problem rather than dumping the report on us which a lot of vendors do.”
Debojyoti Bhattacharya
Senior Expert & engineering manager, Robert Bosch India
“Great communication on all fronts, excellent technical capabilities, and always eager to take it to next level for customer satisfaction”
Amrit Poojari
Manager for Penetration Testing & Red Team, Qualys Inc.
“Security is now engrained in everyone now. That is what Kloudle has helped us achieve.We brought on Kloudle when we were a team of 10. Now we are a team of 400, and we are as agile as we were when we were a team of 10.“
VP Engineering, BYJUs

You are  next on our SuperCloud
List if:

You are adopting new tech

Your engineers are adopting new technologies, you have a gnawing suspicion that if you are making yourself open to hackers and ransomware attacks 

You belive in innovation

You are always innovating and staying ahead of the competition

You believe in the Cloud

Your tech stack includes GCP, AWS, Github, Confluent Cloud, Datadog, Slack, Kubernetes, Postman, MongoDB and other cloud platforms.

Your business is growing fast

You have a wide attack surface with a growing engineering team and are vulnerable to attacks

Kloudle's SuperCloud Program

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