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Who's Speaking?
Riyaz Walikar

Riyaz Walikar

Riyaz is a security evangelist, offensive security expert and researcher with over a decade of experience in the cyber security industry. His passion to break into some of the most well defended networks and systems in his career spanning 15 years has earned him a lot respect within the security industry. He has led Security Assessment and Penetration Testing teams at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and Appsecco, and the Product Security Team at Citrix before co-founding Kloudle. Riyaz now specializes in cloud native, container and cloud security in general, helping build an easy to use security management platform to help companies enhance their visibility in the cloud, identify security misconfigurations and automate remediation for security gaps enabling compliance and operational security in multi-cloud environments. He is also an avid speaker and trainer and presents his research and findings at security conferences and community meetups around the world including BlackHat USA, BH Europe, BH Asia, nullcon and OWASP AppsecUSA.Specialties: Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, Others) Security, Cloud-Native Security, Kubernetes, Container Security, Web Application Security, Network and System Penetration Testing, Wireless Network Security, Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering, Threat Modelling, Windows Forensics, Security Code Review, Vulnerability Research, Exploit Development and Reverse Engineering. Certifications: CKA, CKAD, OSCP

Akash Mahajan

Akash Mahajan

Akash helps CTOs & SREs with security monitoring of their cloud-native stack | CKA, OSCP | Author - Security Automation using Ansible, Burp Suite Essentials. An accomplished security professional with over a decade’s experience of providing specialist application and infrastructure advice at the highest levels to companies, governments, and organisations around the world. Now busy building an easy-to-use security platform to help CTOs & SREs with Consolidated Security View of their cloud accounts for security compliance and operational security. Conference speaker and trainer at BlackHat US, All Day DevOps Twice, DevOps Enterprise Summit, OWASP, and NullCon.Specialties: Cloud Security - AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Kubernetes; Container Security; Cloud-Native Security; Building security automation products. Certifications: CKA, OSCP. Author of two security books now used as the go-to reference by the product creators. Security Automation using Ansible, Burp Suite Essentials.