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Focus on your cloud ops. Get cloud-native security monitoring without changing how you work.

visibility into the cloud infrastructure


Attackers have evolved quickly to make use of the programmatic way cloud accounts can be used. Without visibility, you will experience a lack of control. Using the MITRE ATT&CK framework, we alert you about configuration changes that may indicate attacker-like activity and give you continuous visibility.

data security in the cloud infrastructure

Data Security

Security of your customers’ data on the cloud is your responsibility. In the cloud one can turn encryption on and off with just a few commands or configuration changes. With Kloudle keep track of whether your sensitive data is encrypted at rest or not and get alerted if anything changes.

ensuring cloud assets are setup to be prepared for any incidents

Incident Response Readiness

Due to the dynamic nature of public cloud the standard enterprise incident response frameworks need to be applied differently. We prepare your cloud account for security incidents from the beginning so that containing, eradicating and preventing future security threats is easier.

monitoring for and alerting on security violations

Monitoring & Security alerting

Public cloud follows a shared security responsibility model. The security monitoring of artefacts created on top of the cloud infrastructure is your responsibility. You need to monitor all servers and related infrastructure and get alerted on security related configuration changes to safeguard your systems.

Automated Remediation

Automated Remediation

Your cloud holds very sensitive customer data. The threat of data theft is real. For some cases an automated response to enforce security policy is recommended. Kloudle can help you with this setup, enforce rules and monitor that it is working fine.

Secure Configuration

Secure Configuration

AWS security best practices are spread over multiple documents with 10s of pages. DevOps and Engineering teams always face the challenge - “Is my configuration secure or not?” Kloudle can make sure your configuration is safe, secure and monitor for any changes that make it unsafe.

Spot Malver Activity

Spot malicious activity

Track every user activity in your cloud account to understand who is doing what.

Avoid paying ransom

Get alerts for security sensitive events and take actions to automatically enforce security policies.

Avoid paying ransom
Prevent hacking and data breaches

Prevent hacking and data breaches

Proactively stop changes that make your cloud unsafe.

I loved how simple it was for us to get started with in-depth reports and also how to fix the issues. I would urge anyone using cloud-native infrastructure get in touch with Kloudle.”

Subho Haldar, CTO at Appknox

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Kloudle monitored our entire cloud-native infrastructure and provided a full view of security; they enabled us with critical alerts that required our immediate attention. Our engineering team grew 10X, but we still follow the straightforward GitHub release patterns while the security magic happens natively.
Prashanth BN
AVP, Technology, BYJU'S

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