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Don't spend days securing your cloud. Stay on top of cloud security in minutes without having to become a security expert.

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Developers Love Kloudle

Just One Misconfig Can Cost You
Unplanned Downtime, Data Breaches, Unhappy Customers

Your Are Not Alone: 90% of Devs will misconfigure their cloud infra at some point

    Mainly because
  • πŸ‘‰ Resources sprawl across multiple accounts, providers making it impossible to view them all at once
  • πŸ‘‰ Cloud changes often, easy to miss issues hackers will abuse
  • πŸ‘‰ Super important to know how to fix the misconfigs

Take a proactive step forward. Keep your focus on innovation, not damage control.

Cloud Provider Specific Tools Are Too Limiting

Using Cloud provider specific tools don't protect other cloud providers

Modern engineering teams are already using 3-5 cloud providers to get their job done.

    Using AWS security hub or Prowler
  • ❌ You can’t get visibility of cloud accounts of other providers
  • ❌ Without this visibility you will never know what else is misconfigured
  • ❌ You can’t fix what you can’t see

Most Cloud Security tools are built for for security teams

These products give you list of issues without guiding you on how to fix these misconfigs

    Using AWS security hub or Prowler
  • ❌ You can’t fix without additional googling
  • ❌ You are never sure if the fix fits your environment and requirements
  • ❌ The fear that you miss something can be crippling
Cloud Provider Specific Tools Are Too Limiting

Find & Fix all Cloud Security
Misconfigs with Kloudle

No more mistakes ● No more Searching

Just give Kloudle read-only access and you will see misconfigs
in your dashboard or slack in 30 minutes.

Be In Full Control with Complete Visibility
Get Started In 5 Minutes And Secure Your Cloud Accounts

Step #1

Onboard your cloud account in simple steps

You don't need to give us anything beyond simple read-only permission. We scan your cloud account to show you all that is misconfigured.

Onboard your cloud account now β†’

We support AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, DigitalOcean cloud providers.

Step #2

Fix misconfigs based on priority

Kloudle figures out which misconfigs are severe and which cloud assets have the most issues. You know exactly where to start

Now you don’t need to be a security expert to secure your cloud accounts.

See the most critical misconfigs β†’

How do you calculate severity?

We use the industry standard CVSS base scoring system to calculate severity.

What if we don’t consider something a risk worth fixing?

We understand you use your cloud in the best way that works for you. Kloudle supports a flexible workflow for dealing with misconfigs

Fix misconfigs based on priority
Get Alerts on Slack

Step #3

Get Alerts That Matter To You In Slack

We know you live in Slack, that's why we made it super simple to integrate Slack with Kloudle

Once you choose which misconfigs you want to get alerted for, you don't even need to visit the Kloudle Dashboard

Get Misconfig Alerts in Slack β†’

Once we set the slack alerts our team doesn't even need to signin to the Kloudle dashboard. It is a massive timesaver.

Ankush Jain - CTO

Kloudle is SOC2 Certified

Kloudle is SOC2 Certified

Your account data is safe with us.

  • βœ… Kloudle has completed SOC 2 Type II certification
  • βœ… Your data is secured with AES 256 bit encryption at rest
  • βœ… All communication between every endpoint goes throgh full HTTPS and TLS

These Proactive Companies eliminated human error and
shipped great features using KLOUDLE

When Will You?

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I would recommend KLOUDLE to those teams who have multiple accounts, multiple regions. It is very important to have a unified dashboard to give you the visibility of accounts and resources. Also it helps you on how to fix the issues if they happen.

Remediation and Steps to fix is a feature that I really enjoy.

Subho is the Founder CTO Appknox

Subho - Founder CTO Appknox

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