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Kloudle delivers high-performance cloud security in a unified, easy to use platform. We provide technology professionals the tools, knowledge, and support they need to secure their cloud environment against threats.


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OUR MISSION and core values

Secure the cloud for companies that change the world

Our purpose is to make the jobs of technology professionals easy. We take care of security so they can focus on growing their cloud environment to meet the demands of their business.

We care about the people who work hard everyday to protect their company’s interests, as these professionals are responsible for the security of the company’s most valuable assets.

Have empathy

Understand the complexities of other people's work and see things from their perspective.

See for ourselves

Have first-hand experiences to truly understand the ground reality. Don't rely on hearsay.

Solve problems

See every new challenge as an interesting problem to solve and add value to the world.

Product mindset

Balance speed with the desire to create amazing solutions and always keep improving.

Automate everything

Automate arduous, time consuming tasks to create more time for truly valuable work.

Make it simple

Remove complexity, push for simplicity. Make everything easy to understand and use.


Kloudle is challenging the traditional image of security

Unify cloud visibility

Make it seamless to oversee, monitor and control security for the entire universe of cloud technologies that make up a cloud environment today.

Simplify user experiences

A culture of feedback needs a foundation of kindness. We believe that openness and transparency promotes the exchange of constructive two-way feedback that helps to build a better workplace and happier team members.

Use automation everywhere

We’re flexible and give our team a lot of freedom, starting from choosing a place and time for work, to encouraging new skills, even beyond the scope of daily routines. Believe it or not, this can be a challenge because being independent means taking responsibility for your own decisions and actions.

Prioritize customer education

We've always wanted to go beyond creating a product to building a culture that's open, free, creative, bold, safe and easy-going for everyone. Not just a great workplace for employees, but for people. Our doors are wide open to everyone who wants to create good things, develop this place and be at home. Be yourself.


20+ years experience in security

Akash Mahajan

Co-founder & Kloudle leader, Akash is a security veteran with 15+ years experience in helping global brands stay secure online. Two times published AuthorOSCP, CKA and a speaker at BlackHat US.

Riyaz Walikar
CTO & Chief Hacker

Co-founder, hacker and evangelist, Riyaz prides himself on finding vulnerabilities not many can see. 12+ years of breaking web, mobile, network, container & cloud tech. CREST, CKA, CKAD OSCP, Author, speaker at BlackHat & DEFCON US.

Sandeep Medisetty
Sales Leader

A fearless sales leader, Sandeep brings over 8 years of sales experience for global technology and SaaS companies. He is entrepreneurial and enjoys building repeatable, scalable revenue engines for businesses.

Thiyagarajan M (Rajan)

Rajan brings over 17 years of experience and currently manages strategic partnerships and M&A at Upekkha.  He is ex-Product Leader at Intuit and ex-Board Member at StartupBridge Foundation.

Kloudle meets global security standards


Hypergrowth teams love Kloudle

“ It was so easy for us to get started with security reports and to fix the issues.
If you are securing your cloud-native environment, get in touch with Kloudle.”

CTO, AppKnox

"Kloudle monitors our entire cloud-native infrastructure, provides a full view of security, and generates critical alerts that need our immediate attention."

AVP Technology, BYJU's

"Our engineering team grew 10X, but we still follow GitHub release patterns while the security magic happens natively with Kloudle!"


"We easily cleared the ISO27001 compliance for our cloud by using automated compliance reports from Kloudle!"


"Kloudle monitors our entire cloud-native infrastructure and provides a full view of security with critical alerts that need our immediate attention.

Our engineering team grew 10X, but we still follow the simple GitHub release patterns and Kloudle
adds the security magic!"

PraShanth BN, AVP Technology - Byju's

“It was so easy for us to get started with security reports and to fix the issues with Kloudle.

If you want to secure your cloud-native environment, try Kloudle.”

SUBHO HALDER, CO-founder & CIO - APpknox

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