How to create a new Project in Google Cloud

Priyam Singh

~ 2 min read

Projects in Google Cloud help in organising all the Google Cloud Resources. This article provides a quick hands-on guide on how you can create a new Project on Google Cloud. Priyam Singh.


Within the Google Cloud hierarchy, we have Organisation at the root, under which we have Folders, and then Projects at the base of it. Projects contain the Google Cloud services that we use. In a Project one can find the set of users, authentication, billing, set of API’s and monitoring settings for the APIs.

We can create one or more Google Cloud Projects in the same account to organise our resources. In this article, we will take a look at how we can create a new Google Cloud Project.

Creating a new Project

Here is a quick step by step guide on creating a new Google Cloud Project.

  1. Log in to your Google Cloud Account

  2. Once you have logged in, open the Manage Resources page.

  3. Click on Create Project button

    GCP create project

  4. Enter the Project Name you want to give to your project. Then select the organisation under which to create the project. In case you have a free trial version of Google Cloud, then this option will not be available to you

    After this, enter the location for your project which can be the parent organisation, if present or a folder

    enter GCP project details

  5. Click on the Create button and the project will be created

  6. Open the Manage Resources console and you can see the newly created project

    GCP new project


In Google Cloud, a Project helps in organising all the Google Cloud Resources. Once you have created a Project, you can start using Google Cloud services and creating resources like users, VMs, storage, etc. This article serves as a step by step walkthrough for creating a new Google Cloud Project.