How to enable Uniform Bucket-level Access for Bucket in Google Cloud using CLI

Riyaz Walikar
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It is recommended to use uniform bucket-level access to unify and simplify how you grant access to your Cloud Storage resources. Cloud Storage offers two systems for granting users permission to access your buckets and objects: Cloud Identity and Access Management (Cloud IAM) and Access Control Lists (ACLs). These systems act in parallel - in order for a user to access a Cloud Storage resource, only one of the systems needs to grant the user permission. Cloud IAM is used throughout Google Cloud and allows you to grant a variety of permissions at the bucket and project levels. ACLs are used only by Cloud Storage and have limited permission options, but they allow you to grant permissions on a per-object basis.

In order to support a uniform permissioning system, Cloud Storage has uniform bucket-level access. Using this feature disables ACLs for all Cloud Storage resources: access to Cloud Storage resources then is granted exclusively through Cloud IAM. Enabling uniform bucket-level access guarantees that if a Storage bucket is not publicly accessible, no object in the bucket is publicly accessible either.

Steps to enable uniform Bucket-level Access for Bucket using CLI

  1. To list the buckets run the below command

    gcloud storage ls
  2. Use the on option in a uniformbucketlevelaccess set command:

    gsutil uniformbucketlevelaccess set on gs://<bucket_name>/

    Specify the name of the bucket on which this misconfiguration is applicable


  3. To check if uniformbucketlevelaccess is enabled or not run the below command

    gsutil uniformbucketlevelaccess get gs://<bucket_name>

    uniformbucketlevelaccess is enabled

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