8 Tools you can use to Maximize Security on your Google Cloud Platform

Vimal Mohan
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Tools to help maximize security on your GCP

1) Google Cloud KMS to manage your cryptographic keys

This google security product empowers your business with cloud Key Management Services(KMS). With this KMS, you can create, destroy, and rotate your cryptographic keys across AES256, RSA 3072, RSA 2048, RSA 4096, EC P384, and EC P256. You can choose to manually rotate this process or automate it.

2) Identity and Access Management

Google’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) helps you with granular access control. With IAM, you can choose which user or user groups get access to your business’s cloud resources. With IAM, you can easily assign primitive, predefined, and custom roles. You can also create audit trails of all the permissions and authorizations you’ve made.

3) Google Cloud Identity

Google’s Cloud Identity lets you manage the security of your Google cloud applications. You can use this service to set up multi-factor authentication and single sign-on for users who are signed in to your Google Admin Console.

4) Stackdriver Logging

Google Stackdriver is designed for hybrid clouds to manage and analyze data. Stackdriver logging comes with its API to ingest data from custom logs for monitoring security.

5) Google Access Transparency

Google Access Transparency provides a Logging API that allows you to get near-real-time log data from Google. This means that you can access the logs from the products and services Google offers, such as Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and many more. This information includes details about why and when IT staff accessed their environment. Often, the IT staff accesses the environment when troubleshooting a support issue or analysing an outage.

6)Google Cloud Security Scanner

The Google Cloud Security Scanner service can scan GKE, GCE, and GAE to detect vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting (XSS), Flash injection, mixed content, and outdated or insecure JS libraries.

This scanner works to find vulnerabilities in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services.

7) Google Cloud Resource Manager

The Resource Manager is Google’s IT infrastructure management console on the cloud. With it, you can control and organize all your network, storage, and compute resources. This tool enables you to manage access controls, existing IAM policies, and organization structures better.

8) Google Cloud Compliance

Enforcing compliance and security policies across a cloud platform can be particularly challenging for IT teams putting together a cloud environment. Google can be configured to enforce compliance and security policies across any cloud environment. Via Google Cloud APIs, the platform supports integration with third-party services, such as Duo Security or Cloudflare.

As your cloud usage increases, you need to be vigilant about misconfigurations creeping into your cloud account. Following best practices as described by GCP from their Well-Architected Framework will keep your configurations secure and your data and business safe.

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