How to onboard an AWS account to Kloudle

Riyaz Walikar
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What is Kloudle?

Kloudle is a Digital Assets Security Automation Platform for SREs and DevOps. When integrated with your Cloud or SaaS provider, Kloudle takes periodic security snapshots and provides complete security contextual visibility that allows you to make informed decisions about your infrastructure, the assets and their various configurations.

Kloudle collects metadata about the resources and analyzes them to identify misconfigurations and using a massive research powered knowledgebase, identifies what would go wrong if these misconfigurations were exploited and what you can do to fix them.

As part of making sure the lives of SREs and DevOps become easier, Kloudle offers the ability to create “rules” that allow a user to take automated actions against a baseline. These automated actions, which we call Security Processes, allow users to configure a series of steps that kick in when custom events occur to ensure the security of the cloud and SaaS platform being monitored.

What is this document about?

This document details the steps that are required to create an AWS user that will be onboarded to Kloudle so that Kloudle can make API requests to AWS.

AWS Onboarding for Kloudle


  1. You need to be an IAM user with the ability to create other IAM users and attach policies to them.

Through Console

  1. Log in to the AWS account you want to onboard

  2. Ensure you have permissions to create an IAM user and attach policies to the user

  3. Navigate to IAM - https://console.aws.amazon.com/iamv2/home

  4. Go to Users page

  5. Click on the “Add users” button

  6. Enter User Name as kloudle-user

    aws user name

  7. Click on “Next”

  8. Choose “Attach existing policies directly”.

    AWS Attach policies directly

  9. We will require two policies to be attached ReadOnlyAccess and IAMAccessAnalyzerReadOnlyAccess. Search for these policies using the “Filter policies” search box. Sort the “Policy name” column if you don’t see the policy in the list.

    AWS policy selection

    AWS Filter policies

  10. Add Tags in the next page, createdBy and createdFor, by clicking on “Add new tag” button.

    Added tags

  11. Click on the “Create user” button

  12. To create an Access Key and a Secret Key for this user, select the user from the list of users in IAM and click on the “Security credentials” tab and click “Create access key”

    Add an Access Key and a Secret Key

  13. Select the “Application running outside AWS” option under the “Access key best practices & alternatives” page

    Application running outside AWS

  14. Generate a description tag - “generated-for-kloudle”

    Access key description tag

  15. Download the csv file containing the user credentials

    Download access keys

  16. Now in Kloudle dashboard, go to Manage and click on AWS under Cloud Integrations

    Kloudle dashboard

  17. On the onboarding screen, enter your AWS Account ID for which the credentials were generated

    Kloudle aws onboarding screen

  18. You can give a custom name for your AWS account under Account Name

    Kloudle aws onboarding

  19. Under Authentication Details, provide the Access Key ID and Secret Key‍

    Kloudle aws onboarding details

  20. Click on Add Account button to onboard your AWS account to Kloudle

    AWS onboarding on Kloudle

Through CLI

  1. Ensure you have your CLI credentials to access the AWS account you want to onboard

  2. Ensure you have permissions to create an IAM user and attach policies to the user

  3. Run the below command to create the user kloudle-user,

    aws iam create-user —user-name kloudle-user —tags Key=createdfor,Value=kloudle

  4. Then we will create access key for the user

    aws iam create-access-key —user-name kloudle-user

  5. Note down the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for the user

  6. Now we can attach the required policies ReadOnlyAccess and IAMAccessAnalyzerReadOnlyAccess to the user

    aws iam attach-user-policy —user-name kloudle-user —policy-arn arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/ReadOnlyAccess

    aws iam attach-user-policy —user-name kloudle-user —policy-arn arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/IAMAccessAnalyzerReadOnlyAccess

  7. We can verify that the permissions are attached to the user by running list-attached-user-policies

    aws iam list-attached-user-policies —user-name kloudle-user

Once you have created the kloudle-user and noted down the Access Key ID and Secret Key for it, you can proceed with the onboarding steps on Kloudle as mentioned from Step 14 onwards in the previous section “Through Console”.

Video Instructions

Here’s a video that shows how you can do this.

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