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Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan
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Kloudle Inc is proud to present Kloudle Academy, a free e-resource cloud security learning platform. Kloudle Academy is a compilation of articles, videos, webinars and guides on the management of cloud security.

With Academy, you can learn to hack, defend and manage the Cloud using various tools and services and excel in the various techniques and approaches in Cloud Security. You will also get access to Step by step guides and lists to complete your Cloud Security learning, and stay up-to-date by learning about what is happening in the world of cloud security.

Kloudle Academy categories

Kloudle Academy has the categories of Tools & Services, Know-How, Listicles and News & Updates to cover the essentials of your journey into learning about cloud security.

Here is what Akash Mahajan, the CEO of Kloudle has to say:

“Kloudle Academy is our way to provide a safe space for learning, mentoring, and guidance on all aspects of cloud security for all DevOps and SREs, most of whom are thrown into the deep end without adequate training or supporting resources. By covering topics ranging from how to set up stuff securely in the public cloud to the kind of attacks these people need to defend against, we aim to empower the next generation of techies who are burdened with operational security challenges.”

In that effect, Academy aims to create content in cloud security as a knowledge base and destination for learning various complex aspects of cloud security in an easy-to- understand way.

Riyaz Walikar, the Chief Hacker at Kloudle says, “the normal now and very unlikely to change in the future is the remote first reality. Teams and entire organizations have now switched to working remotely with all their operations being performed using various cloud services. Communication, product design, product code repositories, application deployments, customer support, inter-employee notifications and data sharing is now provided with some form of a cloud service.

The folks who are expected to keep all of these functions running securely are now dealing with new ways of deployment, authentication, authorization, access, and monitoring.

_The Academy is meant to be a knowledge portal that will allow DevOps and SREs to come learn how to be compliant with various security standards, securely setup services in the cloud, see what kind of attacks the bad guys perform and how to safely defend against these threats in the cloud.”

At Academy, we commit to making this platform available to all without cost, in a vendor neutral manner with empathy and compassion. We will strive to provide information and knowledge which is easy to understand and consume. Keep looking out for a mix of blog posts, videos and other interactive sessions as we build a vibrant community for DevOps and SREs for cloud security.

You can visit the Kloudle Academy at https://kloudle.com/academy.

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