Kloudle Security

How We Do Security At Kloudle

Kloudle is founded by two experienced security experts. We have hacked, secured, tested 100s of cloud environments for customers ranging from Governments, Banks, LEA, Fortune 1000, Unicorns. With a combined experience of 35+ Years we understand how to maintain security as our highest priority.

We follow security by default principles and follow the best product security practices while building and deploying Kloudle product. We take operational security seriously and implement the required preventive security controls that allow us to stay secure and keep your data safe.

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Your Cloud's Security is our mission.

We have undergone a rigorous process for getting compliant with SOC 2 Type I and then a detailed infosec audit to get our Type 2 certificate. Using the best security controls provided by Google Cloud Platform our product deployments follow zero touch in prod approach.

    All our internet facing servers are
  • Behind Virtual Private Networks with no open access
  • All employee access is protected by 2FA, including servers and build pipelines
  • All internet exposed servers use latest version of TLS/SSL

Your Cloud's Security Needs World Class Security Features

We just don't say we follow the best securit practices. We dog food our own product and use Kloudle to monitor Kloudle's various cloud resources for security and compliance.

SOC2 Type2 Certified

All code, product infra, team members and processes are verified and accepted as part of the SOC 2 requirement. All internal processes are reviewed periodically for compliance.

Access Control for Accounts

We never store your login passwords. We use Single Sign On (SSO) or temporary links/codes for all access. We use popular SDKs from Google Firebase, Kinde to provide access.

Encrypted at Rest

All data stored in the product, all cloud credentials and metadata, is encrypted using server side encrpytion (SSE) at rest.

Encrypting Data in Transit

Whenever your data is in transit it is encrypted using extremely secure RSA 2048 bit keys. All connections by default are established with TLS 1.2 version

Secure Cloud Credential Storage

Your cloud access credentials are temporarily stored in Google Secrets Manager using the offical SDK. These are purged within 24 hours of a scan being completed.

Hosted on Google Cloud Platform

Kloudle is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Our scanners use Google's managed compute services and enterprise architecture patterns ensuring reliability, performance and scale.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Security

We deeply care about cloud security.

We are small super technical team, dedicated to making sure you can secure your cloud effortlessly. We can do this by staying secure for ourselves and you.

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